Apple Rootstock

Rootstock Varieties

All Rootstocks listed below are available including virus free selections.


Dwarfing influence; induces early cropping; resistant to collar rot; produces larger fruit; requires tree support; ripens early; susceptible to mildew and woolly aphid.


More vigour; provides better anchorage than M9; moderately susceptible to collar rot; support recommended; most sought after root stock in Australia.


Resistant to woolly aphid; moderately susceptible to collar rot; good root anchorage.


Resistant to woolly aphid; susceptible to collar rot; good root anchorage; productive rootstock giving good fruit size.


Resistant to woolly aphid; moderately resistant to collar rot; good anchorage; no support required; suitable for poorer soils or replanting.

* Certification is viruses that are considered to have an impact on the trees ability to perform and yield. Viruses that we certify are: Mosaic Virus, Chlorotic Leaf Spot Virus, Stem Grooving Virus and Stem Pitting Virus

Apple Rootstock Chart

Selection of Apple Rootstock

When selecting Cultivar/rootstock combinations, consideration should be given to the following:

  • Soil type
  • Proven cultivar/rootstock combinations
  • Replant situations

Apple Maturity Chart