Australia Wide

Tangara Nursery offers
door to door delivery
service Australia wide


Family Owned & Operated

We are a family operated business with many years experience
in both the nursery and fruit growing industries.


Dedicated to providing top quality fruit trees

Located in the picturesque Huon Valley, south of Hobart in Tasmania, Tangara Nursery is a wholesale supplier of top quality fruit trees and rootstocks to commercial orchardists though out Australia. Tangara Nursery offers a large selection of pome fruit varieties and rootstocks to suit our customer needs. We are proud of the trees we produce and pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional customer service.Tangara Nursery offers its own door to door delivery service Australia wide. Minimal handling and prompt delivery by us personally transporting the trees ensure that the trees arrive in the finest and freshest condition. Our extensive network of industry experience and wealth of knowledge, combined with the quality & reliability, position us as a provider of choice to the orchard industry.

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